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Monday, April 25, 2011

10 infallible Tips to control the greed!

Hey guys! We all know that being greedy is the most difficult obstacle to achieving weight loss. In this world full of yummy foods it’s almost impossible not to be greedy! After all, who isn’t? J

I found this interesting text with 10 useful tips you could apply in your everyday life to avoid jumping on a high calorie snack or overeating in your next meal! I added some explanations to the bullets as well. Yalla be brave and just do it!

1) Take your time when having a meal, at least 20 minutes - This is the time it takes the brain to receive the message that you are full (the average time for the satiety center to be activated).

2) Choose cutlery (fork, spoon) that are small so you’ll eat smaller meals - This is because it will help you take more time to eat your meal and will give you the impression that you ate more.

3) Try to chew slowly and savour the food - This way you’ll pay attention to what you are eating and eat less.

4) Between two bites put the cutlery on the plate. Only bring the next bite to your mouth when the first one has already been swallowed up completely.

5) Pay attention to what you're eating, do not get distracted with work, computer, television, because when we're not careful we usually end up eating more.

6) Establish times for meals and snacks and respect them - It will help your body regulate hunger, thus you’ll feel less greedy between meals.

7) Instead of saying "No thanks, I need to lose weight", say "No thanks, I do not want " - Answering this way will help you a lot when people insist for you to eat.
8) Keep lighter and healthier options at hand, such as cereal bars (max 100 kcal), fresh fruit (1 or 2), dried fruit (max a handful) or a natural juice box (max 120 kcal), so you snack on one of them if hunger hits you.
9) Go to the supermarket when you’re not hungry - When you are hungry, you buy more than you should and usually you tend to buy high calorie foods like sweets

10) Go to the supermarket with the shopping list in hand and stick to buying only what it’s written so you can avoid buying more than what you planned like unnecessary snacks that will fill your kitchen cupboards with fattening foods.

Samia Khoury Dietitian


  1. good ideas,why not....let's try,minimum 50% of them

  2. Of course Rami !! Great initiative !!!!
    50% is always better than nothing !!!
    MOTIVATION and ENTHUSIASM are the key to weight loss success !!!