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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 attitudes that will ruin your diet during the week end!

It’s almost the weekend and your calendar is full of fattening events: barbecues, birthday parties, drinks by the pool... What to do to escape the binges?
Beware! You can put all your week's diet efforts at risk. Here are 5 attitudes that can ruin your diet and tips on how to avoid them. The tips are taken from the Brazilian magazine ANAMARIA.

Saturday and Sunday: All you can eat?

No! Careful with overeating! A small piece of pizza or some sweets will not ruin your diet but if you attack all the fattening foods you can ruin everything that you worked for throughout the week. Another tip: Don’t refill your plate, just stick to a one-time serving.
Nibbling at any time:

            By mid afternoon when hunger strikes, how about delicious snacks? some chocolate here, a few biscuits there ... they won’t hurt, will they? Of course they will! If you sum up all the small snacks you ate all day, your calorie intake might explode! Make smart changes: Substitute your choices for a low-calorie cereal bar (70kcal) or a closed handful of dried fruit!

            Forgetting water:

Yes, you should drink at least 2 liters of water per day, including the weekends. Water hydrates the body, fills the stomach and helps to combat hunger. A good tip is to always leave small bottles of water near you. Apart from water, you can drink fruit juices (without sugar). But remember you should consume maximum 3 servings of fruit a day. Anything more than that and you will gain weight!

Leaving space to laziness:

Feeling tired and lazy? You shouldn’t be lying on the couch watching TV and eating popcorn! How about moving your body a bit? Go for a walk for 20 minutes on Saturday. Repeat the walk on Sunday. In addition to burning calories, you’ll feel more energetic and will be ready to start a whole new week full of enthusiasm and energy!

Not sleeping well:

Not sleeping unbalances important hormones and makes you gain weight! Besides, when you spend more time awake you are more likely to attack the goodies from the fridge. Ideally, sleep eight hours a night, including weekends.

Ok I need to give my opinion about that: All these tips are very important to be followed during the weekend otherwise goodbye the kilo you lost this last week! The advice I usually give to my clients is to choose 1 meal per week to  eat whatever they like outside the diet, I call it a free meal. Som of my clients call it happy meal. J I also tell them that it’s either a salty free meal or a sweet free meal of their choice, so one week they can chose a pizza, another week a chocolate fondant for example! It’s important to note that if the free meal becomes a free day, there’s no hope to lose the weight, and the scale will not lie to you on Monday morning! Note that not everyone can have a free meal since some people have low metabolism and burn very little so anything outside diet will add more weight, except if they are exercising!

As for the fruit juice on tip 3:  If you want to drink a juice, then use the 2 or 3 fruits you are allowed per day to make the juice and don’t eat fruits the rest of the day; but please note that eating the fruit is better than drinking the juice, since fiber is found in the fruit, not in the juice).

I really hope this was useful to you! Feel free to comment!

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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