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Monday, May 16, 2011

How to accelerate weight loss?

You want the truth? The only one? The quickest way to lose weight is not cheating on the diet...

When you cheat on the diet, let's say you consume a meal with pizza fries desert and they add up to more than 3000 need to know that each 3500 cal you eat more than what you burn or more than what the dietitian prescribed to you to lose weight, you will gain 0.5 kg.

And they add up so quickly, you'll never believe it! Sometimes you think: "but it's nothing, I just nibbled on a handful of mixed nuts, and the other day I ate a slice of cake, it was the birthday of my friend, and you know one night we were sitting and everybody was eating, so I shared with them a pack of chips"...all that believe me will add up and interfere with your weight loss

so if you keep on cheating, today this, and in 4 days ice cream, the other day biscuits and chocolates, they will add up, and you will slow your weight loss.

Be strict, follow strictly your diet, and once a week or every 10 days alllow yourself with a meal you enjoy, either salty or sweet, but anything more will slow your weight loss, and you will get mad for not seeing good results on the scale or with measurements and will probably want to stop dieting, and stopping the diet is never the solution, because you will again want to lose weight in a few months or the year after, and will face the same problem

Decide now that you want to face this diet today, and have the body you always wished for, and keep a good health!

And I am here to help you face it!


Samia Khoury Dietitian

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