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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tips to help you start a diet!

Hola everyone!

Here are 7 things you MUST know and do to start your diet and win the battle over the scale!

1- Control your stress to avoid eating compulsively (by Praying, by doing relaxation massages, etc...I have a post in another page you can look for a whole article on how to de-stress)

2- Maintain a food diary: Everyday write what you are eating, it will help you realize how much you eat and will help you in portion control

3- Find support: your family, your friends, look for a dietitian, a sport trainer, your colleagues at work: we're all here to help you achieve your goals. We're all ready, are you?

4- Get yourself busy: stay busy busy busy so you won't have time to think of food! walk, read, play, work, call a friend, clean the house, go out to the mall, do a charity action, go to the mass, etc...

5- Hoover your house from sweets and all the yummy stuff! That's for sure a first step to do!!! You need to get out of your sight all the things you love to eat and that make you gain weight like chips, mixed nuts, juices, alcohol, butter, sweets, etc...and keep your house full of fruits and vegetables from all the different colors!!!

6- When you eat out: Always order from the light menu and save 500-1000 calories each time! Don't order a desert or if you insist, share it with 2 or 3 persons!

7- If you go to a party, wedding, barbecue... before leaving home have a snack like a fruit, a few toasts with low fat cheese, a closed handful of nuts for example; they may take a long time to serve and you'll be hungry like a lion and eat everything you see in front of you. Before you start eating in these places, first see what they have and select what you actually want to eat, without overdoing it. It is very important to scan all the buffet and then select so you avoid eating more than what you should. Take it this way: It not the last time you will be invited, so no need to abuse! :)

Yalla now you are ready to start a diet! :)

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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