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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 steps for Healthy Eating in kids from zero to 2 years old!

Hola everyone, I think this list is important to be read by all of you because in each family there is a baby coming soon and these rules should be followed if you care about the healthy development of your kid or your sister's kid or your brother's kid, or any kid! The first years of life are very critical and will decide the future this baby's body will have: a fatty one, or a slimmy one, a sick one, or a healthy one, so let's breastfeed that baby with the right rules, let's feed him right and see him running in the house full of energy!

1-      The first 6 months of life give only breast milk. Exclude even water, tea, or any type of food or drink

2-      After the first 6th months, start including complementary food but continue giving breast milk. Keep breastfeeding if you can until your kid is 2 years old.

As I worked at the World Health Organization in Geneva, and these are rules defined by the Organization for all the babies in the whole world, I clearly recommend you to act this way towards your baby and kids if you want to ensure a healthy development for him/her.

3-      After the first 6 months, you can start introducing complementary food to your baby like
meat, rice, fruit, and vegetables 3 times a day. If your baby is unfortunetely no more breastfeeding then feed him with these foods 5 times a day.
4-      The complimentary feeding shouldn’t be rigid. It's the will of the child that will fix the hours the baby will consume these foods

5- Fruits, vegetable soups, meat and cereals should be thick and given with spoon. Ideally it is good to start with porridge and purees and then gradually increase the consistency in the preparation of these foods

6-      Give the kid a variety of foods. Colorful foods is a synonym of diversity and a more extensive     quantity    of nutrients in the plate

7-      Stimulate daily consumption of fruits and vegetables in every meal

8-      Avoid sugar, coffee, canned food, fried food, soft drinks, candies, pastries, and others in the first years of life

9-      Care about the hygiene when preparing the foods you give to your kid to ensure proper conservation and preparation of meals

10-  Stimulate the sick kid to eat a variety of healthy foods. Give foods that your kid likes and are nutritious to open his appetite and get well soon.

By the Brazilian Ministry of Health

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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