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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Try a Detox Diet!

Wanna feel healthy?
Then try a Detox Diet! It will clean your body from the inside by flushing out the toxins accumulated inside of you by the excess of processed foods, chemicals, stress, pollution, medicine pills and all these unnatural things we are facing today!

This accumulation makes you feel tired, insomniac, bloated, with cellulites, inflammation, digestion, colon, joint and muscular problems, lack of concentration, loss of memory, headaches among other dysfunctions!!

A Detox diet for 1 week or max 10 days once a year is so great because not only you will be much healthier and reduce risk of cancer and other diseases because your immune system will be boosted, but your inner health will transform you in a more gorgeous and glamorous person that we see reflected in your skin by the cleansing of your body! Not only your skin will be affected positively but also your hair, and your mood, and you will feel you have a less bad character and will treat people better and avoid quarrels in your house or with friends or at work! Believe me!!! Everything is related!!!

The Detox diet consists on stopping to eat some foods and increasing consumption of other foods! This way the concerned organs like the liver which is the main organ involved in detoxification are purified and will work better!

A Detox diet is not a diet consisting just of soups or tea like many crazy diets around!! Did you know that diets that are missing with certain nutrients can have the opposite effect you’re looking for because they are reducing the capacity of your body to flush out the toxins?!!!

Foods to stop eating during the Detox program:

Milk and derivatives (butter, eggs, cream, cheese etc…)
Gluten (all foods, breads, cakes that contain gluten, even oat)
Sugar and sweets
Refined foods (like white rice)
Coffee, tea
Red meat sausages, chicken, turkey
Processed foods (all that is canned)
Fried foods, mayonnaise
Soy milk, tofu and soy sauce
Excess of salt (like salty nuts and non-raw nuts)
Carbonated beverages even diet
Stop smoking

So, now we need to eat foods that improve the function of the kidneys, colon and especially the liver like B complex vitamins, zinc and iron!

What foods to eat during the Detox program?

Fruits especially seasonal
Vegetables especially dark green
Whole wheat rice and pasta
Quinoa and Amaranth
Beans, chick peas, lentils
Fresh organic fish
Walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds
Apple vinegar, olive oil, and herbs like curcuma, saffron, rosemary, ginger…
Drinks lots of water!!!!!!

And I advice you to take a natural (not synthetic) multivitamin for 1 month! Don’t overdo the Detox diet, remember it’s just a 1 week cleansing of your body! And if for some people it's causing dizziness or something unusual, just stop it right away and eat normally!

Samia Khoury Dietitian
I am waiting for you to help you lose weight at my clinic in Lebanon or over the web wherever you live! Just contact me at 00 961 3 48 31 86
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Foods that help your hair grow!!

Foods that help your hair grow!!

I love to have long hair and to have long hair guess what? We also need to have a good nutrition!

It’s incredible how we really are what we eat and how everything we eat dictate how we are going to look and how we are going to feel!

So why bother thinking of so many ways to improve our shape and health, our skin and hair, all is about food. We eat bad foods we get a bad result, we eat good food we get good results!

So according to each of the following situations what’s good for our hair to grow?

1-      If your hair grows very slowly: you may have deficiency in manganese, fatty acid and omega 6. So you need to eat more olive oil, flaxseeds, soy beans, whole wheat grains, egg yolk, vegetables, walnuts, pineapple and carrots to fix this problem.

2-      If you have dry and brittle hair: you may have deficiency in linoleic acid, iodine, vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, copper, zinc. Eat more olive oil, flaxseeds, soy beans, cheese, whole milk, egg yolk, onion, beer yeast, wheat germ, peanut, lentil, whole wheat, chicken, sea food, lean meat, fish,  liver, citrus fruits and raw vegetables.

3-      If your hair is falling from the root ( you see a small white round end). You may be deficient in calcium, panthotenic acid, biotin, zinc, protein, selenium. They are found in egg yolk, whole wheat grains, wheat germ, milk and derivatives, spinach, broccoli, lentil, tomato, corn, lean meat, chicken, liver, oyster and fish

4-      Thin hair, not shining. It may be deficiency of zinc, copper and protein so eat more lean meat, chicken, liver, fish, egg, beer yeast, wheat germ, peanut, lentil.

 Keep including these foods in your diet and soon enjoy your long and lovely hair! ;)

Samia Khoury Dietitian

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It takes 2 to tango! Some foods work better in pair!

Hi dears !!!! Life won’t be fun without the energy, slim contours and health derived from the right foods! We know that we are what we eat, but the question is what to eat? Many foods, known as functional foods, have a great positive impact on our health; many are beneficial in preventing heart diseases and are combating cancer.

Well…as most things in life, some foods work better in pair; this means that you’ll get more health benefits if you consume them together.

So here they are, go ahead and write them down, put the duo combinations on your fridge and always eat them together!

Tomato and Olive Oil: Tomato as many already know is rich in the antioxidant licopene that reduces the risk of having prostate cancer and heart disease. Good fats such as olive oils facilitate the absorption of licopene which makes them a great duo! So enjoy a bit of oil on your tomato, or an avocado/tomato sauce on your sandwich, or a salad with the 2! Be creative!

Broccolis and tomato: We know that both reduce prostate cancer risk but modern studies have shown that both work even better if consumed together!

Breast of Chicken and Lentils: Proteins in chicken ensure a better absorption of the iron found in the lentils preventing anemia!

Oats and Kiwi: Oat is known to be good to your arteries controlling bad cholesterol. Consuming both oat and a vitamin C food source like kiwi or orange juice at the same meal is two times more efficient in preventing heart attacks than consuming them separately; apparently according to studies they work better consumed together!

Grapes and Orange : A study at Cornell university checked the antioxidant efficiency of many fruits individually (apple, orange, blueberries and grapes) versus the same quantity of a mix of all of them and found out that the second option is more beneficial in fighting free radicals thus protecting you from diseases

Fish and Broccoli: Fish contains selenium which facilitates the absorption of glucosinolate found in broccoli as well as in cabbage, known to reduce the risk of cancer.

Apple and Dark Chocolate: Rich in quercetin an anti-inflammatory agent, apples also have the capacity to reduce the risk of heart attacks, among so many other benefits. Dark chocolate, rich in catechins, reduces the risk of developing arteriosclerosis; together they improve the health of your heart according to a study from the University of Singapore.

Whole Wheat and Peanuts: According to a research from the university of IOWA, an amino acid that is not present in wheat can be found in peanuts to make your meal complete in terms of protein! It is rare to have in a same meal all the amino acids we need! So take advantage of this great combination and make it happen for the benefit of your muscles!

Chicories and yogurt: Chicories (hendbe in Arabic) contain inulin which has a prebiotic effect as well as facilitating the absorption of calcium! So try to eat them during the same meal with yogurt which is rich in calcium!

Soy and Sardine: Genistein is a type of isoflavone found in many plants including soy and one of its characteristics is to increase the bioavailability of vitamin D in the colon. Many people have deficiency of vitamin D so eating soy with a source of vitamin D like sardine is the ideal thing to do! So enjoy edamame or tofu or soy grains with a few sardines in a tasty and super nutritious meal!

Rosemary and red meat: Some researches reveal that barbecue-ing is carcinogenic. Now the good news is that if you use rosemary to flavor your meat before cooking it you can reduce this risk! The herb contains carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid which, in a study by the University of Kansas, USA, decreased the amount of carcinogens in grilled meats. It is believed that the herb’s antioxidants neutralize the free radicals of the meat! Isn’t that great? Nonetheless we should not eat meat more than twice a week!

Curcuma and black pepper: Natural chemicals found in the spices curcuma and black pepper seems to stop the growth of breast tumors, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan. Curcuma is a cancer, inflammation and infection fighter but its bioavailability is very low. Studies show that when you combine it with black pepper which contains piperine its bioavailability increases a 1000 times!!!!

I hope you enjoyed knowing about those pairs of foods that will boost up your HEALTH twice and more and wish you to find the right pair for you that will make you twice HAPPY!!!

Samia Khoury Dietitian

I am waiting for you to help you lose weight or consult you on health issues at my clinic in Lebanon or over the web wherever you live! Just contact me at 00 961 3 48 31 86


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Monday, July 11, 2011

Healthy lifestyle is medicine: new data in the Journal of the American Medical Association

Adhering to a healthy lifestyle which includes not smoking, exercising regularly, having a low body weight and eating a healthy diet, appears to lower the risk of sudden cardiac death in women, according to a study in the July 6 issue of JAMA.

“Sudden cardiac death (SCD) [defined as death occurring within one hour after symptom onset without evidence of circulatory collapse] accounts for more than half of all cardiac deaths with an incidence of approximately 250,000 to 310,000 cases annually in the United States,” the authors write as background information for the study. The authors also note that no prior studies have examined the combination of multiple lifestyle factors and risk of SCD.

Using data collected as part of the Nurses’ Health Study, Stephanie E. Chiuve, Sc.D., of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, and colleagues examined the association between a healthy lifestyle and risk of SCD. A total of 81,722 women who participated in the Nurses’ Health Study from June 1984 to June 2010 were included in the study, and lifestyle factors were assessed via questionnaires every two to four years. A low-risk lifestyle was defined as not smoking, having a body mass index (BMI) of less than 25, exercise duration of 30 minutes/day or longer, and consuming a diet closely related to a Mediterranean-style diet (emphasizes high intake of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, whole grains and fish, with moderate alcohol intake).

During the 26 years of follow-up, there were 321 cases of SCD among women (average age 72 years at the time of the SCD event) in the study. All four low-risk factors were significantly and independently associated with a lower risk of SCD. Not smoking, exercising and eating a healthy diet each were inversely associated with risk of SCD. BMI also was associated with the risk of SCD, with women having a BMI between 21 and 24.9 at lowest risk.

Women at low risk for all four lifestyle factors had a 92 percent lower risk of SCD when compared with women at low risk for none of the four lifestyle factors.
“The primary prevention of SCD remains a major public health challenge because most SCD occurs among individuals not identified as high risk ones,” the authors write.

 “In this cohort of female nurses, adherence to an overall healthy lifestyle was associated with a lower risk of SCD and may be an effective strategy for the prevention of SCD.”

Posted on July 6, 2011 by Stone Hearth News

Samia Khoury Dietitian

Friday, July 8, 2011

Eating Out without compromising your Weight!

While on weight loss consultation with a client today, she told me she eats out 4-5 times a week as she’s always invited to events like birthdays, weddings, dinners with friends, etc… I was explaining to her that if she wants to lose weight, I will give her a strict diet with lifestyle modification and she has the right to have 1 free meal of her choice per week so that she’ll be able to continue losing weight for long. Then I explained to her how she can make light choices at the different events she goes to.

So if this is also your case, you will benefit a lot from those few tips!
Just know that the day you have an event to eat out, make your lunch light just a small salad with tuna or breast chicken and 1 fruit! It’s enough to keep you full without adding much calories to compensate for your event out!

1-      If you are going to a Buffet: First thing to do is taking a look at all the buffet to see what foods are available before serving yourself. After taking a look, stop and think. Think of 3 foods you love the most among all the ones available. Now serve yourself. ½ of your plate make it from a green salad (without mayo), and the other ½ of your plate, put a small portion of the 3 foods you chose from the buffet. If you chose to drink while eating, drink water. And for desert have your favorite fruit. Or if you love deserts, then chose only 2 foods you like from the buffet to leave space for calories from your favorite desert. Take a small portion from your favorite desert in this situation.

2-      Many times you are invited to a best friend’s place for diner like I was yesterday. I told them I was going late (so I would avoid eating yummy stuff especially that I know I have many events this week). So I went to the gym at night, did 1 hour at the treadmill, had my healthy and balanced meal, and went late to my friend’s place. So I just enjoyed the great company. Guys…sometimes or many times it’s about the company and not the food! Enjoy the company, the fun and don’t focus on the food! That’s a wise word for all of us today!

3-      If you are at a restaurant, now it has become so easy to eat out without compromising our weight because in every menu there is a light side! There are always grilled stuff like breast chicken, potato, vegetables,  no mayo, not too much oil, some pieces of shushi, chicken or tuna or crab salads, or you can share your small portion of pasta with your partner or friend. There’s always a solution if we really want to lose weight, and especially if we want to maintain it! And it’s so important to lose weight in a way easy to maintain with lifestyle modification as I do with those who come to me!

4-      If you are at the beach: Have lunch before you go so you won’t be tempted to eat fast foods there! Take some carrots with you with lemon juice and a bit of salt! It’s just to hold your hunger until you go back home to eat diner!

Those are just some examples of how we can make it and lose weight till the end, and maintain it, just set your goal, and take your decision, and start today. Don’t postpone. Life is short to keep postponing things we know we need to do to make it a better life and enjoy all the Blessings that God has for us!

I am waiting for you at my clinic or over the web to help you lose weight and reach your goals! It’s all about a good diet with determination and great motivation!

Samia Khoury Dietitian