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Friday, July 8, 2011

Eating Out without compromising your Weight!

While on weight loss consultation with a client today, she told me she eats out 4-5 times a week as she’s always invited to events like birthdays, weddings, dinners with friends, etc… I was explaining to her that if she wants to lose weight, I will give her a strict diet with lifestyle modification and she has the right to have 1 free meal of her choice per week so that she’ll be able to continue losing weight for long. Then I explained to her how she can make light choices at the different events she goes to.

So if this is also your case, you will benefit a lot from those few tips!
Just know that the day you have an event to eat out, make your lunch light just a small salad with tuna or breast chicken and 1 fruit! It’s enough to keep you full without adding much calories to compensate for your event out!

1-      If you are going to a Buffet: First thing to do is taking a look at all the buffet to see what foods are available before serving yourself. After taking a look, stop and think. Think of 3 foods you love the most among all the ones available. Now serve yourself. ½ of your plate make it from a green salad (without mayo), and the other ½ of your plate, put a small portion of the 3 foods you chose from the buffet. If you chose to drink while eating, drink water. And for desert have your favorite fruit. Or if you love deserts, then chose only 2 foods you like from the buffet to leave space for calories from your favorite desert. Take a small portion from your favorite desert in this situation.

2-      Many times you are invited to a best friend’s place for diner like I was yesterday. I told them I was going late (so I would avoid eating yummy stuff especially that I know I have many events this week). So I went to the gym at night, did 1 hour at the treadmill, had my healthy and balanced meal, and went late to my friend’s place. So I just enjoyed the great company. Guys…sometimes or many times it’s about the company and not the food! Enjoy the company, the fun and don’t focus on the food! That’s a wise word for all of us today!

3-      If you are at a restaurant, now it has become so easy to eat out without compromising our weight because in every menu there is a light side! There are always grilled stuff like breast chicken, potato, vegetables,  no mayo, not too much oil, some pieces of shushi, chicken or tuna or crab salads, or you can share your small portion of pasta with your partner or friend. There’s always a solution if we really want to lose weight, and especially if we want to maintain it! And it’s so important to lose weight in a way easy to maintain with lifestyle modification as I do with those who come to me!

4-      If you are at the beach: Have lunch before you go so you won’t be tempted to eat fast foods there! Take some carrots with you with lemon juice and a bit of salt! It’s just to hold your hunger until you go back home to eat diner!

Those are just some examples of how we can make it and lose weight till the end, and maintain it, just set your goal, and take your decision, and start today. Don’t postpone. Life is short to keep postponing things we know we need to do to make it a better life and enjoy all the Blessings that God has for us!

I am waiting for you at my clinic or over the web to help you lose weight and reach your goals! It’s all about a good diet with determination and great motivation!

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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