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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Try a Detox Diet!

Wanna feel healthy?
Then try a Detox Diet! It will clean your body from the inside by flushing out the toxins accumulated inside of you by the excess of processed foods, chemicals, stress, pollution, medicine pills and all these unnatural things we are facing today!

This accumulation makes you feel tired, insomniac, bloated, with cellulites, inflammation, digestion, colon, joint and muscular problems, lack of concentration, loss of memory, headaches among other dysfunctions!!

A Detox diet for 1 week or max 10 days once a year is so great because not only you will be much healthier and reduce risk of cancer and other diseases because your immune system will be boosted, but your inner health will transform you in a more gorgeous and glamorous person that we see reflected in your skin by the cleansing of your body! Not only your skin will be affected positively but also your hair, and your mood, and you will feel you have a less bad character and will treat people better and avoid quarrels in your house or with friends or at work! Believe me!!! Everything is related!!!

The Detox diet consists on stopping to eat some foods and increasing consumption of other foods! This way the concerned organs like the liver which is the main organ involved in detoxification are purified and will work better!

A Detox diet is not a diet consisting just of soups or tea like many crazy diets around!! Did you know that diets that are missing with certain nutrients can have the opposite effect you’re looking for because they are reducing the capacity of your body to flush out the toxins?!!!

Foods to stop eating during the Detox program:

Milk and derivatives (butter, eggs, cream, cheese etc…)
Gluten (all foods, breads, cakes that contain gluten, even oat)
Sugar and sweets
Refined foods (like white rice)
Coffee, tea
Red meat sausages, chicken, turkey
Processed foods (all that is canned)
Fried foods, mayonnaise
Soy milk, tofu and soy sauce
Excess of salt (like salty nuts and non-raw nuts)
Carbonated beverages even diet
Stop smoking

So, now we need to eat foods that improve the function of the kidneys, colon and especially the liver like B complex vitamins, zinc and iron!

What foods to eat during the Detox program?

Fruits especially seasonal
Vegetables especially dark green
Whole wheat rice and pasta
Quinoa and Amaranth
Beans, chick peas, lentils
Fresh organic fish
Walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds
Apple vinegar, olive oil, and herbs like curcuma, saffron, rosemary, ginger…
Drinks lots of water!!!!!!

And I advice you to take a natural (not synthetic) multivitamin for 1 month! Don’t overdo the Detox diet, remember it’s just a 1 week cleansing of your body! And if for some people it's causing dizziness or something unusual, just stop it right away and eat normally!

Samia Khoury Dietitian
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