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Saturday, August 27, 2011

No more fast foods during lunch time! Learn how to eat at the office!

Hello hard workers! I think it’s important to give you guys some hints on what to eat at lunch break to avoid gaining weight and consequent diseases!

Some people spend too much time at the office others work a lot outside the office. Both eat badly when out of home and this must be fixed urgently before it’s too late! Not to forget the chocolate and biscuit temptations your colleagues want to share with you during working hours ;)

Do you feel concerned?

Most people do!! But we can do something about it!!

First of all, eat a very balanced breakfast before you leave the house so you will not feel very tempted to eat all sweets and pastries around you, and won’t be that hungry by the time it’s lunch! A balanced breakfast can be skimmed milk with a handful of cornflakes and a fruit, or a sandwich made of whole wheat bread and egg (not fried) or turkey ham with a small glass of orange juice for example! When you eat a healthy breakfast your blood sugar levels will be controlled and so you ll not feel that hungry and it will be easier for you to refuse a chocolate if someone offers you! If you are always in a hurry you can still have breakfast, no excuses, you can have a small box of cornflakes, or a small bottle of low fat yogurt to drink with a banana, or just an apple and a low calorie cereal bar…

Now at lunch time, if you are at the office, try to bring with you homemade food. This is by far the best thing you can do! Homemade food prepared without fat and a plate of salad or just a tomato and cucumbers will do the job! End with a fruit or a low fat yogurt for example. If you can’t do this, or if your job is outside the office all day, you can order a sandwich with 300-500 calories maximum, and today there are so many restaurants that make such sandwiches, so again no excuses! Or you can just order a chicken salad without mayo sauce or grilled chicken burger/no mayo! Just avoid fried foods and sweets! Skipping meals will not help you at all. You ll go back home and eat all you see and regret all night or at least you’ll regret when going up on the scale!

Move. Take the stairs, go get your glass of water, do the secretary tasks of bringing you a file for example instead of asking her, just bring it yourself! Park your car far from your office and walk. Every hour stand up and walk in the corridor for 15 minutes, believe me by the end of the day you will feel great and by the end of the month the calories burnt by these simple exercises will be summed up and benefit you greatly!

Hope you enjoyed these simple but very efficient tips to avoid weight gain and eat healthily at the office! Follow them and give me the good news! ;)

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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