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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Travelling this summer and afraid to gain weight? Check here how to prevent weight gain when you travel and even lose weight!

This is so familiar to many of you, isn’t it? I know exactly what you feel when you travel and want to try all the yummy foods and sweets in the country you’re visiting. It’s kind of impossible to resist, I mean you’ve been waiting for your so-deserved trip so bad and want to enjoy it to the MAX and when we say “enjoy”, food is definitely in the plan ;)

But you know, sometimes enjoying so much the food in your trip can put all your yearly efforts to lose weight down! Do you really want that? You have been struggling with your weight since the beginning of the year to look good this summer, and in one trip you ruin all your efforts! I don’t think this is right to do!
I think there are ways to coordinate between enjoying food when you travel and not gaining weight, and for some of my clients who follow strictly my recommendations, believe me they even lose weight when they travel!

First, breakfast at the hotel: everyday you have the morning buffet in front of you with all the croissants, donuts, jam, fried eggs, sweets, juices, and all the yummy stuff that we all love! Yeah I love them too!!! But we can’t let ourselves go to the point we feel so heavy and sick that we are not even comfortable with ourselves and with no one! And overeating is not that worth it if we think about it!

So I suggest that only the first day of your trip you eat whatever you want for breakfast, like put from all the choices you have in front of you but only the first day. You can’t do it everyday of your vacation because weight gain will be inevitable! The rest of the days, you can have skimmed milk with a handful of cornflakes and 1 fruit, or you can have 2 slices of bread with a medium slice of omelet and ½ cup of orange juice. Both are balanced breakfast choices available at hotels but consume them in these reasonable quantities.

Between meals I suggested you don’t nibble like don’t take with you bags of biscuits, pain au lait, kaak, chocolates, bzourat, you know what I mean, when we travel we tend to take some goodies with us just in case hunger hits! Hehe I can assure you we won’t die of hunger if we don’t take all these bags!! It will just save us from hundreds and thousands of unwanted empty calories!

Lunch and diner: My suggestions for those meals are that everyday you chose a dish you like at one meal and a light dish at the other. So if today for lunch you chose pizza, then for dinner you have a tuna salad without mayo or oil. Or if for diner you chose a ravioli dish, then for lunch just have a chicken salad without the mayo/oil sauce, just chose lemon mustard without oil.

And this is allowed ONLY because when you travel usually you WALK sooooo much that you burn the yummy dish you ordered and either keep your weight stabilized during your trip or sometimes you may even lose weight!!!

As for sweets, you gotta choose: It’s either you have 1 meal of your choice + 1 light meal and no deserts for the day OR Both your meals (lunch and diner are light, like grilled fish with salad for example) and so you can have 1 desert of your choice today! Fair enough, no?

Try to avoid fried foods, sauces, pastries, juices, cocktails, and too many deserts!

Try to choose smart choices for yummy meals like a burger with low-fat grilled meat inside and no mayo, no fries. It’s not that bad after all!! Smart choices are still delicious and can save you from so much damage and sadness…

Now I really hope this helped you!!! Take it seriously and you will be so happy with the result! After all, a trip is not just about eating. Enjoy the company, the beautiful sites to visit, the fun activities, the sports opportunities, the beach, sun, nature, and just the new air that we discover when we step in a new country!

Have a safe trip and fun to the MAX! Life is good and has to be lived abundantly!

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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