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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rules to Shop Smart at the Supermarket!

Hi everyone!!! This topic is really important since going to the supermarket to buy food is a frequent thing we all do! Whatever it is that you are going to buy you need to know how to buy it to avoid weight gain and unhealthy foods!

So follow these recommendations and be sure you are on the right way!

1-      Before leaving home make a list of everything you need to buy at the supermarket, so you avoid unnecessary purchases of high caloric foods

2-      Do not go to the supermarket when you are hungry because it will be difficult to control the impulse of buying fatty foods and sweets

3-      Avoid passing in the hallway of candy, sweets, chips and all kinds of high caloric snacks because it will be more difficult to resist to the temptation of buying some.

4-   Avoid shopping often for food. Shopping weekly or monthly is better to avoid you from buying unnecessary products

5- Start shopping for vegetables and fruits (which are bulky) so you fill the cart leaving no room for other items that are generally more fattening.

6- Find out which days of the week the fruits and vegetables are delivered to the supermarkets. Go shopping on that day to guarantee that you are buying fresh food;

7- Read product labels.  You will find important information such as calorie content of food, amount of sugar, salt, saturated and trans fats, vitamins and minerals. Beware of foods that are “diet” and “light” because options are not always better, and are more expensive. Compare with the conventional product and see if it’s worth.

8- Opt for breads with fiber, they are more nutritious and assist in the smooth functioning of the intestine. There are several types of breads, with oat, rye, flaxseeds and others, in the light version, with fewer calories. Give preference to fish, lean meats and breast chicken, which have less fat, are healthier and therefore have fewer calories The more yellow the cheese, the greater amount of fat and more calories, so prefer the white cheeses. Stick to skim milk and yogurt. Choose the turkey breast instead of ham because it is less fatty and you take in fewer calories

9- Buy organic foods whenever you can!

10- Prefer the simple to very elaborate sauces; the latter usually contain fatty creams, oils or other high-calorie ingredients. Choose food in water rather than in oil, the caloric value of the latter is much larger, and contain a high concentration of fats.

11- Buy different kinds of herbs and spices to enhance the flavors of the dish so you avoid using salt and much fat when cooking

12-  When choosing breakfast cereals, avoid those with sugar in its composition

13- If you can not do without soft drink, opt for light or diet. But do not forget that the ideal is to avoid excessive consumption of any soft drink. Prefer drinking water and teas.

14-  perishable foods such as meat and fish that are fresh or frozen should be bought at the end to avoid any risk

15- Watch the expiration date of food, especially if they are with discount, as many times in these situations, the food is almost expired. Purchase products with good quality: check expiry dates and if the packaging is in perfect condition;

16-  The best method of payment is cash, it helps you not to exceed the budget and so you will not buy more than what needed.

Enjoy your healthy supermarket shopping!

Samia Khoury Dietitian
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey guys!

If you are not very busy now turn on your radio on 102.5 fm lebnen el 7or I will be talking about diet and healthy lifestyle! Hope you can hear me! And if you live abroad you can hear me thru their website live! Hope you enjoy! (the interview is in arabic!)

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