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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Business men and “constant work travelers”….careful with your weight!

Making money is good to have a great quality of life but it is better when you’re fit and healthy to be able to enjoy it otherwise later you could end up spending all the money you made on your health treating diseases led by overweight!

What are the things you business men and men and woman who travel a lot for work and are always in a hurry could do to care aboutyour health and weight? Here go some useful tips!

1-      So you are used to take planes all the time, right? So many of your meals per week or month are eaten at the plane and it is extremely important that you take advantage of the light and low fat options available at each flight. So every time you book for a flight also order your light and low fat dish whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You may think one meal will not make a difference, but believe me by the end of the month those 5-10 meals or more accumulated will make a huge difference on your body and health! You’ll be eating less fried food less bread and less sweet, and this adds up by the end of the week and by the end of the month.

2-      Another thing is that often you forget to drink water. I suggest you put a reminder on your phone to drink water. When you hear the reminder, immediately drink a glass of water and put another reminder to beep again in 2 hours. Do this every 2 or 3 hours for 3 weeks, at the end of the 3 weeks you won’t need the reminder anymore as it will be in your head! You will automatically remember to drink a glass of water!

3-      Order your coffees without sugar, and your nescafe with skimmed milk, especially if you need many per day! Prefer herbal tea to coffee, and also without sugar.

4-      Avoid juices and alcohol as you sit a lot for meetings and since they are liquid we tend not to feel their caloric content filling us!

5-      Also since you are always on meetings, you may go out a lot for lunch and diner. I suggest you have your meetings on coffee or tea times, or water times J or always choose light dishes like a breast chicken or fish salmon or a low fat cut of meat with vegetables or a chicken salad or go for 10-12 pieces of sushi, but avoid pastas, pizzas, fried foods, gravy and sweets! Or you guys can share a nice dish if it’s big; it will also create a nice relationship between you two creating better decisions for the two ends! J

6-      And because you sit so much for meetings and office work, you need to move…so any opportunity you have to move, take it! At the airport instead of sitting, walk the airport many times until you have to catch your plane. You can schedule your appointments in malls so that you can have a walk before and after and why not have a brisk walk meeting with a client you already know for a while? You can even find better solutions for your issues as your brain will be better oxygenated ;)

7-      As for the constant stress you undergo I definitely suggest you to spend more time with God as He is the only one who can give us inner peace. Also going to the gym will de-stress you, not to forget some relaxation massages done at professional spots.

Please practice these tips as your weight and health matter to me! I promise they will make a huge difference in your body, mind…and pocket since all are connected ;)

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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