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Friday, October 14, 2011

Kids feeding: Here are 10 Mistakes to Avoid!

Hola moms and dads!!! I know it’s so difficult to find solutions to feed your kid that’s why I thought it would be so useful to write for you the following tips! Good luck! ;)

1-      Don’t say always yes: it is very bad to give them all they want to eat because they won’t have any limitations as timing of eating, quantity of food, and type of food they eat. So be careful make it clear for them what is allowed and what is allowed only during the weekends and in small quantities.

2-      Don’t let them “Snack” all the time. There is time for snacking. Once between breakfast and lunch and once between lunch and diner. Anything they eat outside these meals or snacks is considered wrong. So Make sure they know they have 2 snacks per day and not one every 30 minutes!

3-      Don’t give food as a reward. This is the worst thing to do because your kid will always think that because he ate the soup he got the cake as a reward which means the soup is so horrible and the cake is a super hero! This will give a special “touch” to the cake or biscuit or chocolate or whatever you like to offer your kid as a reward for eating something healthy!

4-      Don’t punish your kid if he doesn’t eat what he promised to eat. This is bad too for the same reason, he will hate so much the healthy food you want him to eat because he will always associate it with punishment! Just offer him the healthy food and make sure he eats it. If he doesn’t then don’t give anything to him for the next few hours until he feels hungry, and then offer him the same healthy plate. He will have to eat it, just don’t make a big deal of it otherwise it will worsen the situation.

5-      Don’t play when you are trying to make your kid eat. Don’t do the plane thing or other games J If he likes the game then it will be tough for you, you will always have to find games and strategies to play with him every time he eats because it’s the only way he likes it. Food time is food time and playing time is playing time, totally separated activities! Deal?

6-      Don’t surrender on the first time he says:” I don’t like that”. That’s so wrong, don’t give up. Insist. Tell your kid to try it. Sometimes they say they don’t like it before even tasting it! Never give up! If he really doesn’t like it and you want him to have it, hide this particular food (for example spinach) on some potato soufflé or nouille! He’ll never notice and you’ll be feeding him some healthy food!! Creativity is the key to succeed in most things we do! Never give up, always try to find solutions to your problems!

7-      Never substitute a meal by milk for example. This mistake is very common and very wrong to tell the truth because if your kid succeeds once at this, he will always do this to you, he will end up drinking milk all day and night and not get his nutritious meals throughout the day!

8-      Don’t let him think that going to the restaurant is a super plan! Also bad… your kid will think that restaurants are great deals and homemade food is booooring!

9-      Don’t give him always the same food because you know he loves it and just want him to eat. Variety is so important, keep offering your kid new meals until you have a list of all the meals he likes and always alternate so he doesn’t get bored of eating the same things and you will guarantee that he’s eating from all food sources.

10-  Give the good example. If you tell your child to eat salads and not to eat chips and he sees that you never eat salad and is always snacking on chips, he’ll never believe you and won’t do what you say. You are your kid’s superhero, he likes to do what you do, if you eat healthy and in good quantities and exercise he will most probably do the same…think about it;)

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