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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What to drink or eat in the car?

Well…as a Dietitian I shouldn’t be giving advices to eat in the car but the problem is many people do! So I am not encouraging people to eat in the car J I am just giving a few tips to those who do it frequently as they can replace bad foods with healthy ones to watch their weight and gain their health!

Many people who come to me to lose weight tell me that they have to be in a car mostly all day going from one place to another because of their work and especially salespersons. Can these people be on a diet? Or because of their lifestyle they can’t do it? Well, of course they can! What they cannot do is let themselves go and keep on gaining weight and harming their health! As long as breakfast and diner are healthy, balanced and eaten in the right quantities prescribed by the dietitian, doing the right choices to eat or drink in the car will make a huge difference!

So if you spend too much time in the car, options are:

1-      Don’t stop at every drive thru fast food place you pass by! This is very dangerous! Consuming burgers, fries, pizzas, soft drinks and milkshakes frequently will make your weight go up very fast and damage your arteries and heart very badly! You don’t need that!
2-      Bring raw walnuts and almonds with you when you are hungry this is a very nutritious snack. Consume only 6 walnuts or 12 almonds because it’s highly caloric.
3-      Bring an apple with you or pear or grapes or banana
4-      Bring carrots with you
5-      Bring a low calorie (70-80 calories)  high fiber cereal bar with you
6-      Take with you a healthy sandwich made of 2 whole wheat soft toasts with turkey ham and mozzarella light
7-      Water: Some people forget to drink water all day then don’t understand why they have headaches and lack of concentration and memory!
8-      Now if you insist on driving thru you can have HEALTHY DRIVE-THROUGH: Choose meal items that focus on vegetables and lean sources of protein, such as salads, grilled chicken and tuna. Instead of french fries, order a side salad or some fruit with your meal. Skip the soda and instead stay hydrated with water. For dessert, try a small ice cream or a yogurt fat free!

And because you spend so much time in the car, you should think of exercising daily even if just for 30 minutes…

Hope this was useful to you! Cheers!

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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