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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Focus on Christmas, Forget about the Food!

Hey guys! I missed writing to you! Hope you missed reading me! I was thinking and sharing with my clients that Christmas and the holidays shouldn’t be about food. So I thought sharing with all of you too my opinion and experience about this. Why do we always have to make food the most important part of the season?

Let’s stop and think well. All the year we have been dieting and following a healthy lifestyle, do you know you can ruin all your efforts if you eat uncontrollably during your Christmas vacation? Simply because this is the way we are. If we eat more than we burn we gain weight. We were born this way and will die this way. So it’s a forever effort that we have to do of eating healthy, in right quantities and exercising, and sometimes eat a “free” meal as me and my clients call it!

So during this Christmas vacation: We can’t say yes to everyone who offers us something to eat. Let’s keep this in mind and learn to say NO to a chocolate from here, a piece of bûche from there, Christmas cake, Montblanc cake, marron glacé, etc…I know all that sounds tempting but we have to be serious about our body and health. Our body is not garbage, we can’t let anything and everything go inside!

So I suggest you just eat whatever you want on the 24th night and 25th for lunch, as well as 31st night, and a meal in between the two dates, but you can’t celebrate for 2 weeks in a row!! 2 weeks of eating uncontrollably will ruin your shape! Don’t eat between meals; put this as a goal that you can’t cheat on!

Exercise during the holidays, everyday take a walk in the morning, or go to a fun dancing class 3 times per week, or go dancing with your friends many times per week, play with kids, walk for hours in the souks (pretend you are in Europe walking in the streets for hours!:) Just find fun ways to burn calories!

And just focus on something else! Focus on the Spiritual part of Christmas. Spend time with God. Read His word, practice His word. Do some charity. Go help orphans, the poor, the elderly, the sick, put a smile on the face of a sad kid. Focus on the Family part of the season: enjoy your family and friends, give each other special gifts, and spend quality time together laughing out loud! Did you know that laughing 10 minutes a day is like walking 20 minutes on a treadmill? It de-stresses you MAX and who doesn’t need to find ways to be de-stressed nowadays??!! Share jokes with your loved ones instead of sharing bad news, fight and irritating words! People are tired of irritating words! Let’s have a new attitude for this New Year! And focus on the Fun part of the holidays! The shopping, the parties, the Christmas concerts and all the amazing events posted by out dearest social network!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! And May the peace of our dear Lord fill our hearts every single day of our lives so we can overcome easily the times of trouble! God never said life would be easy, he said he would bring peace in times of trouble!

Keep Smiling! Joy and peace always people!!!!

Samia Khoury Dietitian
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