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Sunday, January 1, 2012

This New Year My Resolution is to eat like Japanese!

Hello amigos! It’s the end of the year and we are all saying goodbye to bad habits and thinking of good habits to incorporate into our 2012 lifestyle!

It’s nice this feeling of progressing, seeing that each year you are doing better than the previous one in many fields of your live, but this requires good will and determination. Maybe your resolution is to be more patient, or to do something nice everyday to someone new that you pick every morning when you wake up like someone from your family, or the secretary who works next to your office or the office boy of your uncle or the old lady who smiles to you on your way to work etc.. You can be creative when it comes to doing something nice to someone! Maybe your resolution this year is to keep your room clean! Or to pray 10 minutes everyday etc.... And I think each month we can come up with a new resolution and work on it for the whole month until it becomes a new good habit!

Ok now back to our subject! Have you ever seen an overweight Japanese person? Well, I haven’t. And every time I ask a friend or relative who went to Japan if he/she saw an overweight person in Japan they reply:” yes I saw 1 in 10 days or 2 in 2 weeks”. Well, this has been intriguing me and I found out that Japanese are always busy doing something! Their hands and mind are always busy, so they don’t really have time to pick something to eat and not even to think about it! They drink green tea many times per day, eat on time, they don’t nibble between meals, and walk a lot! Apparently they don’t really stress, they do what they have to do, and don’t keep on stressing about it. That’s very important!

And did you know that there is an Island in Japan called Okinawa where 15% of the worldwide centenarians live and age healthily in shape! Some can live up to 115 years!!!! I am sure you want to know what their secret is!! Okay okay I will tell you!

The Okinawa Centenarian Study shows that “the Okinawans have both genetic and non-genetic longevity advantages -- the best combination. In fact, the Okinawan traditional way of life -- the dietary habits, the physical activity, the psychological and social aspects, all play an important role in Okinawan longevity

Elderly Okinawans were found to have impressively young, clean arteries, low cholesterol, and low homocysteine levels when compared to Westerners. These factors help reduce their risk for coronary heart disease by up to 80% and keep stroke levels low. Their healthy arteries appear to be in large part due to their lifestyle diet, regular exercise, moderate alcohol use, avoidance of smoking, blood pressure control, and a stress-minimizing psycho spiritual outlook.

Okinawans are at extremely low risk for cancers of the breast, prostate, ovaries, and colon. Compared to North Americans, they have 80% less breast cancer and prostate cancer, and less than half the ovarian and colon cancers. Some of the most important factors that may protect against those cancers include low caloric intake, high vegetables/fruits consumption, higher intake of good fats (omega-3, mono-unsaturated fat), high fiber diet, high flavonoid intake, low body fat level, and high level of physical activity.

To end I must say their biggest secret is that they leave the table being 80% full! They never eat till they drop or feel sick like us Lebanese!! J They feel very light after eating. They eat lots of fruits, vegetables, beans, cereals which constitute 70% of their usual food pattern, and eat so much fish and soy. They eat lots of herbs, spices, and drink lots of teas. They are very active and what’s special is that they spend 1 hour everyday thanking God for everything they have. They are very peaceful and engaged in communities and social clubs which is important because they feel they are always useful…

So people after knowing all these facts my resolution this year is to eat like Japanese! What is yours?

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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