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Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to make SUSHI at home and make your loved ones happy!

Since my resolution this year is to eat like Japanese I had to learn to make sushi! And on the contrary to what you think, it’s easy to do it and so much fun to break the mystery!

I was talking to my cousin also named Samia in honor to our Grandmother’s name, and she is a Japanese teacher and lover of Japanese culture and food so she gave me the list of things to buy to make sushi, one of them being the wood we need to roll the nori leaves around the rice and other ingredients we put in side. Don’t worry I’ll explain it all!

I am sure many of you will be interested to learn it! An idea is to make it for your husband on Valentine’s Day or on his birthday!

So yalla here go the ingredients and how to do it! You will need to buy: Nori leaves, the wood to roll ( you find it in the shelf for sushi stuff), rice vinegar, rice, wasabi, soy sauce low sodium version, sesame seeds, tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab, cucumber, avocado, carrot, ginger for sushi to eat with moderation

1) For 3 cups of rice you will need 6 cups of water. Choose rice that doesn’t stick. Boil, and then when it’s done, put in a big plate where you can spread them. Then, take a fork and move the grains so they don’t stick together. Do this every 5 minutes until you are ready to use them. You will use them when the rice is cool, and not sticky. In the meantime you can start washing and cutting the other ingredients.

2) Clean 4 cucumbers and cut them long and thin, same for carrots. Cut the avocados long and thin too.

3) In a bowl: pour 2 small coffee cups of rice vinegar with 6 teaspoons of sugar and mix.

4) When the rice is cooled, mix it with the mix of rice vinegar with sugar and keep on moving the grains with the fork until you start rolling so that they don’t stick.

Now: take your wood. Put the nori paper on it and spread the rice on the nori paper. (Put the rice on the non-shining side of the nori). At one side of the rice, add whatever you like: a thin layer of crab sticks, next to a think layer of avocado for a example). Then turn the nori with everything on it with the wood like you see me doing in the picture. You will get big columns of sushi but you have to wait a little while before cutting them in small pieces like at the restaurant because they need to stick well together. The secret of a pretty presentable sushi is how you roll it! Need a little practicing and it will be great!

We can do the same with just rice without the nori paper. Place the rice directly on the wood. Then add what you want inside like shrimp let’s say with cucumber on the very end side of the rice and roll. Then you can pour sesame seeds all over it, wait a little to stick well, and cut in small pieces of sushi, and then add shredded crab on top too if you want to make it crazy! ;)

You make up your own sushi just be creative!!!!
Hope you will do it! And if you need more instructions just contact me!

Samia Khoury Dietitian
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