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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slow aging by keeping the length of your telomeres!

Telomeres? What are those? You must be asking yourself:” this is something new to me!”
Hey everyone! So tell me? Who doesn’t want to slow aging and rejuvenate? Read the following and check how interesting it is: Telomeres are structures that are located on the terminals of the chromosomes. The shorter the chromosomes are the more it increases the risk of accelerated aging and chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. We can not change the age, but we can and must act on the factors that contribute to preserve telomere length!

So Here are 7 advices to keep the length of the telomeres and rejuvenate!

1- Stay slim
Obese people have shorter telomeres than thin people. But there is hope for obese people who lose weight to see their telomeres get lengthened. The more fat mass is lost, the greater is the lengthening of telomeres.

2- Physical activity
A study with 2401 participants showed that the more you do physical activity, the more your telomeres get lengthened. This adds to the argument that exercising is a natural anti-aging.

3- Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.
Oxidative stress happens thru free radicals due to smoking, sun, pollution, alcohol, excess of medicine pills, pesticides and heavy metals. With oxidative stress, inflammation follows.  The more you have inflammation and oxidative stress and the shorter are the telomeres. It is important to consume saffron, vitamin E and C, selenium, and zinc as they help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation thus help increase the length of telomeres!
4- Vitamine D
A study with 2160 women between 18 and 79 years old showed that the ones who had more elevated levels of vitamin D were the ones who had longer telomeres, which means 5 years less of cellular aging.

5- Folic Acid (vitamine B9)
Vitamin B9 form substances that help in the composition of ADN and telomeres. A study shows that people with high levels of folic acid have longer telomeres. Folates are found in spinach,  edamame, sunflowe seeds, dried herbs, asparagus, bean sprouts.

6- Multivitamin suplementation
A study published in June 2009 with 586 women between 35 and 74 years old showed that women that consumed more vitamins had in average 5.1% more length in telomeres.

7- Release stress and depression
Many studies showed the relationship between stress, depression and the length of telomeres.
Find ways to de-stress such as praying, exercising, relaxation massage. Stay positive and laugh in all circumstances even if you don’t feel like. Find stories that make you laugh, simply do it on purpose.

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Source :  Dr. Luis Romariz, he’s the first pioneer in anti-aging medicine in Portugal. “Preserve your telomeres and slower aging”.


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