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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Dangers of Sugar…

The white sugar we consume is the brown sugar made from cane or beet that went thru a bleaching process to become white. The problem is that when this happens, it loses all the nutrients sugar initially has (calcium, phosphorous, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, Vitamin B1, B2) and this is why we call it empty calories because it doesn’t bring us any benefit to our health. What’s worse is that refined sugar not only comes without vitamins and minerals but also steals some of our vitamins and minerals to be digested and absorbed. Refined sugar (white) is also bad because:

-          It causes constant acidity of the blood: your body will steal calcium from your bones to neutralize this acidity;
-          You will have more cavity and risk for osteoporosis
-          Hyperglycemia
-          Studies show high consumption of sugar is correlated with more depression and even schizophrenia risks
-          Diabetes
-          Loss of magnesium: leading to infections
-          Excessive sugar can lead to inflammation and consequently to cancer
-          Obesity
-          Arteriosclerosis
-          Addiction to sugar is like addiction to drug and can have bad consequences like irritability, aggressiveness
-          lack of energy, tiredness

When I say sugar it’s the sugar we add to juice, milk, tea, coffee, but also the hidden sugar in the industrialized products soft drinks, cake, candies, biscuits, deserts, chocolates.
Exercise regularly (it gives you a better mood thus decreases your anxiety for sugar), drink lots of water (it protects your brain from imbalances), eat balanced meals and healthy snacks every 3 hours (it reduces the desire for sugars) and sleep well (studies show people who sleep less than 6 hours daily have more anxiety to eat sugars)

Next time you want to add sugar to your coffee or have a desert, think first if you are doing it excessively. You can have 1 teaspoon of sugar daily, and 1 desert per week to be on the safe side!

Samia Khoury Dietitian

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