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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 tips to get rid of constipation!

Hey dear readers!! Hope all is well!!
Everyday people complain to me about constipation, so I think it's important to share with all of you very briefly but clearly what you can do about it!

So constipation can be due to stress (calm down, pray about all things, get a relaxing massage, breath well, organize yourself, exercise, take Magnesium-B6 with your doctor's permission).

It can be due to bad nutrition, lack of exercise, and an unhealthy lifestyle in general, so please take this 5 tips into consideration to solve your problem because when constipation happens, all the residues that are in your body and that you are not excreting are there doing harm to you, so you MUST get rid of it!

1- Eat fibers to help the colon pass stool: found in salads, fruits with skin, dried fruits (apricots, prunes), beans, lentils, whole wheat breads, rice...
2- Eat less carbohydrates (breads, dough...)
3- Drink adequate amount of water for fibers to take action in your body
4- Exercise to improve bowel movement
5- wake up early and sit in the toilet seat every morning, take your time, even if 30 minutes till excretion occurs. Don't give up, this is actually very important your body needs to get used to a regular time of excretion daily. It will help a lot. Try it.

If constipation becomes chronic, you will need the intervention of a medical doctor to check the cause of it and solve your problem with medications, but as long as it's not frequent these tips will help you a lot!

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  1. Constipation best remedy which works for me so far is mixture of honey and warm milk. If we consume these two things before taking meals then surely any constipation problem will be solved. I had personally tried this natural remedy. Your shared remedy is also useful in this regards. Here some more remedies are shared in below article which are useful for others.