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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Guacamole Mexican Sauce! Delicious and Healthy!

Hola todos!!

Mexican guacamole famous sauce made of avocado is one of my favourites!!

It's so easy to do, so fast, so healthy and so delicious! You can use it to spread it in your kids sandwiches with chicken or meat, or when you have people over you can serve them with some shrimps or chicken slices or meat slices, and top with some mozzarela light shredded! Just be careful if you are watching your weight, don't have more than 1 full tablespoon of guacamole.

so here it goes: In a bowl, add 1 or 2 o3 smashed avocados (good for the heart) depending how many people you're feeding, add some lemon juice (antioxydant) on it (like 1/2 of one lemon) just so the avocado doesn't become black. Add 1 big tomato (antioxidant) cut in small pieces, 1/2 small onion (regulates sugar levels), little salt, and some cayenne pepper if you like it spicy (boosts metabolism).

Some people especially Mexicans add green bell pepper cut small (very rich in vitamin C), 1 teaspoon of coriander (fiber), sometimes garlic (anti-inflammatory)...But even if you chose to do it as simple as I said above it's more than delicious.

Cover and keep 3 hours in the fridge before you consume it so the tastes get well together!
Simply enjoy with your family and friends!

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  1. Why can't we have more than one spoon ?

  2. Hi Rhea if you are thin and happy with your weight you can have many full spoons, like 3 or 4, but if you are watching your weight I suggest that you have only 1 full tablespoon because avocados are highly caloric, 1 thick slice of avocado has 45 calories and guacamole sauce is a mixture of 1 or many whole avocados smashed with other low calorie ingredients