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Saturday, May 4, 2013

3 easy exercises for a flat belly this summer!!

Guys it's simple: For a flat belly this summer, do 3 sets of 15x for each of the 3 exercises, 30 minutes overall, 3 times a week and alternate with aerobic exercise as walking, jogging, swimming or zumba classes...Results are seen in 1 month of serious work! Of course Diet should go along and this is what I am here for!

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  1. well the are if theyre attatched to my ex,he was my biggest disability even compared to my wheelchair hehe.all jokes aside if you have problems walking you can get a sticker u can if your diabetic n need access to loos hope this helps

  2. Hey thanks for these excercises, loved them, better than the many i have tried to achieve flat belly and lose weight.