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Monday, August 26, 2013

What to do to avoid the most common health problems during a flight?

Hey guys I think this is important to share with you as so many of you travel for fun or work reasons! I will never forget when in 2011 I was on a flight to Istambul (beautiful city by the way) and I felt very sick during all the flight, thank God it was a short one but I don't wish this feeling to anyone! So here is what you can do to avoid being sick in the plane!

A study in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that for every 604 flights, a person gets sick and needs medical attention! The most common problems were situations involving loss of consciousness, low blood pressure, respiratory problems, nausea and vomiting!

To have a healthy flight at least do the following:

- Drink plenty of water during the trip, since up there the humidity is low and the body loses fluid.

- Have light meals to prevent indigestion and nausea

- Avoid alcoholic drinks.

- Be careful with sleeping pills. They can have side effects because of the altitude.

- Talk to your doctor before you travel if you have had thrombosis, if you are dealing with cancer or if you have lung problems.

Samia Khoury Dietitian
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  1. As you specify that yesterday you ran on pavement, I'm not sure if it was your first time running at all in five years. A lot may have changed in that time, what is certain is that after five years you would not be in running shape and that your five years older body might not adapt as quickly to the sudden stress of running 3 miles.