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I am happy to be your dietitian, helping you get rid of your excess weight, alleviating diabetes problems, putting your blood exams
under control, and helping you work on the mental side of dieting


I provide my services at my clinic in Beirut, Lebanon or online in 5 different languages: English, Arabic, French, Portuguese & Spanish.
So whether you live in Lebanon or abroad, contact me at to know how to set up a session.

I can help you achieve all your health and weight loss goals now! Check some success stories here and get motivated to start a diet with me whenever you like, wherever you live!

Samia Khoury Dietitian

Success stories

Samia is the best dietitian ever!!! My sister and I went to her for diet because friends of us told how much they took benefits from her diet. Samia's diet is very confortable, she has always listened to what I like and want to eat and gave it to me with specific quantities that are convenient to my diet. She always suggests new meals for a change so i don't get bored. Plus she gives free meal once in a week to relief the person and the body!! There is nothing better than that!!!:) but what I liked the most from all of that is that by her diet she taught me the right life style. Before my food diet was too bad, I ate lots of unhealthy meals, ate lots of chocolate and sweets without any sports!! She taught me to substitute the unhealthy meals with good ones, encouraged me to do sports, (and i even started to eat home coocked meals that I've never eaten before), which made me lose the unwanted 9 kilos a year ago in a very desired time. Plus she's open for follows up consultations, I always go back to her every 2 to 3 months to maintain my diet and weight under her supervision. And above all that Samia is a great person, she's a very good friend to her clients!!      
Miss Tannous

My main purpose was to lose the extra kg I had around my waist and grow more muscles in my body. The gym alone thing wasn’t working and I was advised to go see a dietitian. My cousin recommended Samia Khoury, she had already followed one of her diets. I explained to her that I want to have a tight and muscled body, and that I’m interested in showing my abs in a healthy and natural way. She designed a specific high protein, moderate carbohydrate, low fat diet to fit my needs according to my age, body type, life style and objectives of course. I started the diet and after just 1 month, I began to notice the difference especially concerning my weight and my waist size. After 6 months of diet and hard training (4-5 times a week with cardiovascular and weight training) I noticed a huge difference. And after 1 year, I had a new body. Training alone isn’t sufficient; a good and healthy diet is a must. I recommend everyone to do the exact same thing: diets aren’t only for obese people; they’re for everyone, whether it’s a diabetic, a professional athlete, or someone like me who just wants to improve his physics and his health.
Charbel K.

Before                                                                                        After

I was depressed because I never thought I would lose my 12kg after I delivered my baby, but when I went to see dietitian Samia Khoury she gave me a push and the right diet to lose my weight, she was and still is always available to me when I want to ask her something. Now I am pregnant again, and I am still supervised by Samia to gain maximum 9 kg during pregnancy, and so after delivery we can work again together to reach my ideal weight again and stabilize it! Samia is great and encourages me so much at every step, you might find lots of good dietitians, but you will not find one who cares for his people and make time for them like my lovely dietitian Samia Khoury.

I've always battled with my weight and i was known as the chubby girl..until a few years back when I was 15...i met samia at her clinic and step by step in around 7 months i lost 10 kgs and i finally made it and made my dream come true of being a thin and more confident girl...all thanks to samia and her fabulous diet experience..!!!

Before I started a diet with Samia, I was doing the protein diet which helped me lose 17 kg in 14 weeks. But then I was tired of just eating meats and salads, and I was looking for a healthier and balanced diet with variety. I was told about Samia and she gave me a menu that was exactly what I was looking for and a lot more helpful. I lost another 20 kg in 3 months and now I am following with her a maintenance program, and it's been 3 months I am very happy maintaining my new weight. I see her now once per month and I am planning to make this visit a monthly one forever because I never want my weight to be 124 kg again ever! I really enjoyed the diet and now I am enjoying the maintenance part and especially my new shape! Thank you Samia! I encourage everyone to do the same!
Charbel A.

Dietitian! It's a very famous word theses days, but Samia is the best dietitian ever.... Samia is so lovely, she doesn't care about giving you a diet and then going home, she follows your spirit, she gives you the positive thinking and she changes your mind because diet starts in mind not in a paper. This is her philosophy!

I was living under stress and was eating around 4000-5000 kcal per day and I was in obesity class I, but Samia changed my mind, she helped me to manage my stress, she motivated me to start my diet and she convinced me to follow a healthy lifestyle. It's about a circle: you eat a lot, you stress, you become more and more fat.

Now this circle have disappeared: My New life is about : No Stress, No fat, No Depression, yes to Beauty, yes to getting in shape!

Samia learns you how to live happy, how to win that battle and fight that stubborn weight!!
With samia you are a winner, just try to visit her one time and you will know what i am talking about.
I didn't only lose my extra kg (I lost 10 kg so far, and we are working on 10 more), but I have won a close friend and a real sister.
Thank you Samia and all the best!


Faire un régime avec Samia

Pour quelqu’un qui fait un régime pour la première fois, c’est tout un défit de prendre la décision de choisir la diététicienne (la meilleure), de commencer et de continuer le dit régime.

Avec Samia, la complexité du régime s’éclabousse, la difficulté de prendre la décision devient atténuée grâce au sourire de Samia qui vient réconforter l’angoisse crée par les kilos gagnes tout au long des années de la vie…

Ensuite vient l’accompagnement agréable de Samia et le soutient d’une sœur ou d’une amie, même d’une confidente qui n’est autre que le soutient de Samia qui ne se lasse jamais de pousser la volonté pour atteindre une vision plus parfaite de soi-même, de son corps et de son être.

Faire un régime avec Samia est un défit mais un défit réalisable.

Christiane habitant en Arabie Saoudite
Thanks to Samia Khoury, I lost 9 kilos in one month and a half and I ate everything that I like, in moderation

She can help you. There are people in other countries that she was able to assist too online. So wherever you are she can help.

God bless.
 I lost 20 kg and it was a very pleasant experience, painless, with great enthousiasm due to my best dietitian samia khoury, who encouraged me and held my hand throughout the process.....i am greatful to have met her and followed her instructions!



When I started my diet with Samia it was my new year's resolution and like every year I thought the diet wasn't gonna work. My first visit was promising, flexible and easy diet unlike what I thought it would be and we went from there. I was loosing weight steadily and went from 100kg to 77kg! That's 23 kgs in 4 months! And what was even greater is that I learned with Samia how to maintain my healthy weight! This is to thank her for the support and help she gave me to achieve this, sure weight loss takes determination but Samia sure helps you find that determination with her friendliness and expertise!



I was 80kg and now I am 61kg. I am a person who enjoys food and I am addictive to it. But my diet was easy, healthy and fun! Samia is not only a nutritionist, but also a supportive person who showed me that healthy food can bring joy to a fat person! She allowed me to eat anything I wanted but under her supervision and through a lot of encouragement!! Today, one of my goals is checked! I am very happy and confortable with my body! Thank you Samia!



I have always been a bit overweight but my weight dramatically increased since I took on a new job a couple of years ago that involved constant travelling and eating outside home on the plane and in hotels. I have gained about 8-10 kg since my life/work balance got skewed and I have been aimlessly trying to remove them or at least put a stop to the weight gain with no use.

I came across Samia’s blog by chance while searching for dietitians in Lebanon and noticed that she has a unique service, the online diet consultation, which would suit my time schedule and would not obstruct my heavy work or travelling.

The experience was great thanks to Samia's expertise and motivation, I lost 10 kg in 2 months and now she is following up on my weight maintenance.
Thank you Samia
Samer ( living in Dubai)


After trying several times to lose weight, I decided to work on it with a professional. I visited Samia Khoury Diet Clinic.

"102 kg, an over weight for a 179 cm man", was her first comment.

We started talking, discussing lifestyle food, she was so understanding, a very good listener, easy going and smiling all the time.

Simply you can trust her easily.

She gave me a diet for 2 weeks to test my metabolism and specially my "WILL".
I lost my first 3 kgs, and since the excitement started: 21 kgs left.

And after 5 months, I reached the ideal weight: 78 kgs.

A diet, is not torture, it's a lifestyle, and a successful one based on a good "will" and a " professional dietitian" who is able to help you and observe you till you reach your goal, taking care of your health in a very professional, psychological and positive way.

Thank you Samia